foster quality l create certainty

Quality and reliability is what we aim for

GBD Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Diagnostik mbH is internationally connected and globally active.

As a virological-scientific institute our focus is on the production of customized quality control samples for virus diagnostics and other areas of laboratory diagnostics.

Our purpose

The purpose of our work is to contribute to the continuous quality improvement and standardization of laboratory diagnostics. Our focus is on the production of control samples for virus immunology and virus genome detection. In order to enhance quality in this area, we produce selected sensitivity and specificity panels as well as panels for geno/subtyping and resistance determination of infectious pathogens for our customers.

For decades we have been a producer and strong partner in the preparation of EQA samples.

Our performance

In accordance with the current state of science and technology, we provide quality control materials adapted to the respective clinical/epidemiological situation.


Thanks to a broad collection of source material and a strong network, we are able to produce tailor-made test materials of the highest quality.

Our approach

Close cooperation with scientific partners and other collaborators is important to us. We guarantee the highest level of quality with a controlled and detailed proven manufacturing process - our samples pass through various internal and external testing phases.

Our credo

Working sustainably in a team with and for quality.


Due to our experience and our network, our outstanding strength is flexibility - in production and consulting.

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Our our products and our services

Reliable products - custom-made

Internal quality controls:
(RUO - products)

  • run controls
  • screen controls
  • mutiple analyte products
  • quant controls for viral load assays
  • reference samples


  • sensitivity and specificity panels
  • dilution panels
  • linearity panels for viral load assays
  • genotyping/suptyping & resistance panels

External quality controls:
(for accreditated institutions)

Our product portfolio in quality control with more than 80 viral pathogens is in virus serology as well as in genome detection.

Virology is our particular strength but we also have references in bacteriology and mycology.


Competent advice and extensive service

You as a customer are the focus. We want you to find exactly the right product and service. That's why comprehensive advice is our top priority: so that you can make well-informed decisions and we can deliver the right product in high quality.


You will get your sample in all conceivable configurations and always in highest quality – in regard to the composition and the documentation. Our team will quide you with high expertise in any question prior to, during and after the preparation of the samples.

foster quality l create certainty

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